Where is your Sea Moss sourced from?
•  Hella Healthy's Wildcrafted Sea Moss is sourced from Saint Lucia
•  Always Fresh never farmed

    Where do I store my Sea Moss Gel?
    •  Hella Healthy's Sea Moss Gel needs to be stored in the refrigerator immediately upon arrival

      How long does Sea Moss Gel Last?
      •  3-4 weeks in the refrigerator

        How much Sea Moss do I take daily?
        •  1 tablespoon a day
        •  After a few days / 1 week you may up your intake to as much as you'd like 
        •  We recommend taking Sea Moss gel in the morning because it may give you energy throughout the day

        Can I freeze my Sea Moss gel?
        •  Yes! We recommend freezing in a freezer safe container
        •  It will last about 3-4 months in the freezer

          How long does shipping take?
          •  We use priority mail through USPS and it takes 3-4 business days to arrive. Expect delays in shipping due to COVID.
            How is my Sea Moss gel kept fresh during shipping?
            •  We use commercial cold packaging protocols which includes high grade gel shipping packs and thermal envelopes. When your Sea Moss gel arrives, it may be warm and in a liquid state but our packaging prevents your Sea Moss gel from rising above a certain temperature during shipping so it will not be spoiled. Put in the refrigerator immediately upon arrival and it will go back to its normal gel state
                What does Sea Moss gel taste like? What is the consistency?
                •  We soak our Sea Moss in key lime so the final product does not have a taste. Our infused Sea Moss gels taste like whatever they're infused with!
                Please see Sea Moss Gels in Menu for flavor profiles
                •  Sea Moss gel has a consistency like applesauce / jello

                  How can I use my Sea Moss Gel?
                  •  A spoonful straight from the jar, smoothies, hot tea, hot cereal, oatmeal, applesauce, hummus, desserts, soups, add it to anything you cook!
                  •  Sea Moss is also a natural collagen: The Original "OG" Sea Moss gel can be used as a face and hair mask

                    Is Sea Moss gel safe to take if I am pregnant?
                    •  We are not doctors, nurses, nor do we have any professional medical or culinary certification. ​Consult with your Doctor before using if you take blood thinners, are pregnant or nursing to avoid any allergic reactions
                    •  BUT we have done some research and pregnant holistic mothers say it does wonders for them while they're pregnant. Parents also give Sea Moss gel to their toddlers which is said to help with their brain development ​


                    Can I take Sea Moss gel with other medications?
                    •  We are not doctors, nurses, nor do we have any professional medical or culinary certification. Consult with your doctor and do your research if you believe Sea Moss gel may be a problem with other medications you're taking

                        Can I reuse my mason jar?
                        •  Definitely! Feel free to use your mason jar as a water glass, a vase for flowers, to store food etc. Join our recycle program if they start piling up on you!
                          Are the shipping ice packs in my package reusable?
                          •  Yes! Just soak in water and refreeze them!
                            How do I know if my Sea Moss is spoiled? 
                            •  You will notice a foul odor, mold, or change in color

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