Jar Recycle Program

♻️🫙 Return Your Jars for Store Credit 🫙♻️

How does it work?

  1. You must have a rewards account with us to receive credit. Click the gift icon in the bottom right hand corner to create an account!
  2. Earn 100 points ($3) for every jar returned (applies to 16oz and 32oz jars). Jars must also have the original lid to receive full credit (it's okay if lids are scratched or dented).
  3. We only accept jars from Hella Healthy!
  4. Jars must be clean and undamaged to be eligible for credit. If we are sent damaged, dirty, or broken jars you will NOT receive credit.
  5. Important! Include your full name and email you used to create your account in your return package.

How To Start

1. Clean, Sanitize, and Dry your jars

    • Clean and scrub out any remaining product residue with soap and hot water
    • Sanitize by running your jars through the dishwasher or by placing your jar in lukewarm water and bring to a very gentle boil for 5 minutes. Do not drop jars directly into boiling water as they will crack due to thermal shock
    • Dry your jars completely 
    • Receiving already clean jars makes the sanitation process a million times easier for us, so we greatly appreciate it!

2. Wrap it up!

    • Once clean, thoroughly wrap your jars (bubblewrap preferred) so they can stay protected during shipment
    • We recommend using the shipping materials that were sent to you with your original order. If you no longer have those shipping materials, try to reuse materials from other companies. Shipping mailers or boxes (i.e. Amazon), old bubble wrap, reused cardboard, USPS flat rate boxes and other packing materials are great options
    • If your jars break during shipment you will not get credit so please wrap them up as safe as possible.
         3. Include Your Info
    • Include your full name and email address in the package.
    • No info = no credit
         4. Ship it out
Ship to:

Hella Healthy Essentials, LLC

Po Box 643

Suisun City, CA 94585

  5. Receive credit

    • Once we receive your jars, we will add the credit to your account in the form of points. For every jars returned you will receive 100 points. (1 jar = 100 points = $3).
          6. Email us!
    • Let us know your package is on the way! hellahealthyessentials@gmail.com

We are a very small (1 woman) business and unfortunately we cannot cover the cost of shipping for jars. However you are helping out the planet by recycling!

Thank you for doing your part <3