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Hella Healthy Essentials


Our Mission

Hella Healthy Essentials is the source of providing the keys to nourishment and healing by offering a holistic alternative to pharmaceuticals at an affordable/accessible price, diminishing the health disparity that has arisen between minorities and their counterparts. We pride ourselves in using the freshest ingredients - Wildcrafted Sea Moss sourced from Saint Lucia, and a wealth of other organic and vegan ingredients sourced locally from Black-owned & operated small businesses in and around Los Angeles. Promoting upward mobility is essential to the services and goods we provide, so recycling the Black dollar is a top priority. We are here to fulfill our purpose in educating those in underprivileged communities on health and wellness and to eradicate the brainwashing of the Amerikkkan diet, so treat your body to something hella good and get Hella Healthy!